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Switch to Australia's ONLY super fund with absolutely no investment in fossil fuels.

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Join over 4,500 Australians who've cleaned up their super in under 3 minutes. It’s:

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Instant online application & super rollover - join online in under 3 minutes.

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We can help you find and consolidate your old super.

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Salary sacrifice, insurance and income protection options.

Approved investments

These activities have been approved for our investment list. Companies on our list need to meet all our criteria as an ethical, environmentally sound and socially responsible investment.

medical science & healthcare



renewable energy

clean money (fossil-free banking)

healthy foods

Excluded investments

Companies who engage in unethical activities have been actively screened out from our investment list. Your super will never be used to fund these practices, plus many others.


fossil fuels


live animal export

detention centres


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Keep your conscience clean - your super will play no part in funding fossil fuels, live animal exports or detention centres.

Your super is managed by Grosvenor Pirie, experts in super management. And we are backed by Australia’s most reputable bank, Bendigo Bank.

We use ‘positive screening’ to invest in companies that help build a better fossil-fuel free future.

We are the first superannuation fund in the world to be certified as carbon neutral.

Switching to fossil free super can reduce your carbon footprint more than driving a Prius, installing household solar and going vegan combined!

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