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Having a positive effect on the world can be as simple as switching your spending to the right company

Energy Locals is a social enterprise that aims to make energy cheaper, cleaner and fairer. They make a promise that prices will never change for profit and they offer attractive solar feed in tariffs to promote renewable energy.

They also donate over half of their profits to Aussie communities, charities and into new, local renewable energy.

Their switch takes 5 minutes online with no lock in contracts or exit penalties

Switching never felt better

Reasons to Switch to Energy Locals

Simple pricing and a promise to never raise prices for profit

No lock in Contracts

A contribution will be made to one of our charity projects

It's quick. Switch online in 5 minutes!

Use their profits to support renewable projects

One of the highest solar tariffs in the market

Start the Switch

Why should I switch my power provider?

We would all rather that the money we spent didn’t cause any harm which is why we have researched which companies are having a positive effect in society.

If you would rather be with a power company that considers its effect on the environment, treats its customers well, prices its products fairly and works hard to do good then select which state you are in using the form at the top of the page and choose your new power provider using our criteria table.

How easy is the switching process?

5 minutes from now you could be switched!

All you need is your personal details and your payment details – Click the "Switch Now" button above to begin the process. The switch can be 100% completed online and only takes 5 minutes.

Will it be more expensive?

The short answer is no, it most likely won’t.

Energy Locals are a new retailer that have taken a unique approach to pricing. They’ve made a promise to never increase prices for profit. They also don’t have conditional or disappearing discounts, just simple rates all the time. And their solar feed in tariff is very high! If you would like a bill comparison done, just send us a message through our contact form.

Can I get out of my current contract?

Yes, you can always switch your provider. It’s possible your existent contracts will require you to pay an exit fee but they are usually small amounts (between $25 and $75).

You can see how much certain power companies charge for exit fees on our criteria tables.

About Energy Locals

Energy Locals is a 100% Australian electricity retailer, founded in 2016 by industry professionals in Melbourne. The company don’t own electricity generation assets.

They are a social enterprise, which is committed to giving away over half of their profits to charities, community and renewabale energy projects.

In terms of pricing, they have made a unique claim to never increase prices for profit. Their pricing structures are simple with no conditional or disappearing discounts. And no lock in contracts or break fees.

They promote renewable energy by offering a high solar feed-in-tarriff for customers and Greenpower plans are available, also.