Ethical Super

Having a positive effect on the world can be as simple as switching your superannuation fund.

Australians have over AUD$2.05 trillion in superannuation assets but not all of us know where or how it is being invested.

At Ethical Switch we take the hard part out of finding a super fund that matches your values. The superannuation companies on our website seek investment opportunities that focus on promoting renewable energy, health and education. They actively avoid investing in detention centres, fossil fuels and weapons.

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Switching never felt better

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What’s different about these funds?

Are all members of Responsible Investment Association of Australia

All selected funds are non restrictive (i.e. not industry or religion specific)

Ethical investment is core business not optional stream

Each fund provides transparency on investments

Making the switch takes less than 5 minutes online

Companies will track lost super for you

Important Information about superannuation funds featured by Ethical Switch:

The material on this website is for your information only and is not intended to be advice, or to influence your decision in choosing a superannuation fund. The information provided does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs, all of which should be considered prior to making an investment decision. Any decision you make must be based on your own assessment of the merits or otherwise of the products featured on this website.You should seek professional financial advice before making any investment decision.

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