Ethical Power

Having a positive effect on the world can be as simple as switching your spending to the right company

We have done the research and discovered who are the best power companies in Australia

Simply select which state you are in above and click 'Find Out Now' to see a full list of who the best power companies operating in your area are and why

If you like one of our 5 star companies then you also have the option to click on the 'Switch Now' button and complete a simple 5 minute online process to make a switch to your new chosen ethical provider. If you do you'll know what we mean when we say:

Switching never felt better

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Switching Information

Why should I switch my power provider?

We would all rather that the money we spent didn’t cause any harm which is why we have researched which companies are having a positive effect in society.

If you would rather be with a power company that considers its effect on the environment, treats its customers well, prices its products fairly and works hard to do good then select which state you are in using the form at the top of the page and choose your new power provider using our criteria table.

How easy is the switching process?

5 minutes from now you could be switched!

All you need is your personal details and your payment details – just use the "Select State" form at the top of the page to view our criteria table and select which power company you would like to switch to. The switch can be 100% completed online and only takes 5 minutes.

Will it be more expensive?

The short answer is no, it most likely won’t.

We consider fair pricing to be a cornerstone of our ethical companies and only offer switches to companies that we think fit the bill.

Powershop were found to be Victoria’s cheapest power provider on average according to a report by the Essential Services Commission in 2014.

The report showed that in Victoria Powershop’s prices were cheapest in 11 of the 15 residential scenarios shown, and Powershop was within the cheapest 3 in all 15 scenarios.

The full report is available to view here

Diamond Energy
Diamond Energy has some of the most competitive electricity rates in VIC, SA, NSW and QLD for residential and small business customers. They continually appear as one of the lowest cost electricity retailers in government price comparison websites (eg Energy Made Easy, My Power Planner).

Can I get out of my current contract?

Yes, you can always switch your provider. It’s possible your existent contracts will require you to pay an exit fee but they are usually small amounts (between $25 and $75).

If you switch to Powershop then they will pay that fee for you up to $75 (which is likely to be more than enough to cover your whole exit fee). You can see how much certain power companies charge for exit fees on our criteria tables.

Diamond Energy
If you have been with Diamond Energy for over a year then it is unlikely you will have to pay an exit fee. If you have been with Diamond Energy for less than a year then your exit fee will most likely be $22.

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What Makes an Ethical Power Company?

Our criteria for what makes an ethical power company is based on the following:

Environmental Impact

Carbon offsetting, paperless billing, investment in renewable energy - we consider anything that has a positive/negative impact on the environment

Value for Money

Are the prices fair? Are all of the costs transparent? We find you the best deals on products/services that have a positive impact

Customer Experience

Are there hidden fees or lock-in contracts? Are they easy to contact and pleasant to talk to? Is it a quick online switch? We value the way a company treats it's customers

Reputation & Endorsements

What are people saying about the companies you buy from? Have they received endorsements from reputable sources? We like to find the companies that have